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Official English Title, AKA

  • Corazon Apasionado
  • Corazón Apasionado
  • Passions Of The Heart

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Country of Origin


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Number of Episodes

  • 111 episodes, 45 minutes.


  • Patricia (Marlene Favela) is a beautiful young gal who loves her secret boyfriend, Marcos Pérez (José Guillermo Cortínes). Marcos is just a humble workman at her grandmother's, Doña Ursula (Susana Dosamantes) farm. She will never permit her favorite granddaughter to have a relationship with somebody such as Marcos. The lovebirds are planning to escape together, unaware of the fact that Patricia's father, Bruno Montesinos (Marcelo Buquet)plans to sell her to cover a gambling debt. One thing leads to another, and Marcos is seriously harmed trying to save his girlfriend. Bruno goes to jail and everyone's lives are dramatically changed. Years after these incidents, Patricia, who's closed her life and heart to love and dedicates herself to her job, starts managing, alongside her grandmother, the "La Generala" farm. Armando Marcano (Guy Ecker) finally makes his appearance. He's the son of one of the farm's workers, he's an engineering surveyor who becomes the foreman. After professional jealousy and constant battles, something else starts to flourish within Patricia and Armando's hearts. Fedora (Jessica Mas]]) is Patricia's cousin and lover of Armando. She'll come to complete the other side of a fiery love triangle. Many obstacles will have Patricia and Armando to go through, including Marcos Pérez, who returns from the past when everyone believed him to be dead, to claim what was once his.
  • Patricia grows up under the iron fist of her grandmother, a wealthy landowner who manages the family ranch with equal firmness. When Patricia falls in love with a man that doesn’t meet up to her grandmother’s social and economic standards, she must pay the consequences.

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Adaptations/Spin Offs/Remakes

Music/Theme Song

  • "Corazón Apasionado", By Lucero.

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Additional Info

  • Filmed in Miami, Florida.

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