El Cartel De Los Sapos 2

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Official English Title, AKA

  • El Cartel 2
  • El Cartel De Los Sapos 2
  • El Cartel De Los Sapos 2: La Guerra Total
  • La Guerra Total

Production Company





  • Drama, Action

Country of Origin


Writing Credits

Number of Episodes

  • 40 X 60'


  • Now Pepe Cadena is the big boss and accounts the events of the last 4 years: how he got out of the New York prison and cooperated with the DEA, his experiences as an informant, along with Anestesia, his escapade to Colombia, where he was arrested again and went to prison. According to him, Martín did not tell the whole truth.

Premiere Dates

Adaptations/Spin Offs/Remakes

Music/Theme Song

Countries Aired

Additional Info

  • Nominated for the Sentinel for Health Awards (Los Angeles, September 22nd, 2010), for a scene encouraging the intake of folic acid during pregnancy, involving Larissa (Caliche's wife), incarnated by actress Paula Barreto.
  • Filmed in high definition.
  • The series was shot in Cartagena, Pereira, Cali and Bogota, in Colombia, the Federal District in Mexico and New York, New Jersey and Miami, in the United States.
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