La Traicionera Colombia 2011

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Official English Title, AKA

  • La Traicionera

Production Company





Country of Origin


Writing Credits

Number of Episodes

  • 150 X 60'


  • "La Traicionera" is a story of revenge, betrayal, love and pain. Twenty years ago, a poor woman falls in love with a millionaire who ends up marrying another woman of his social class. The woman dies, heartbroken. Twenty years later, Renata (María Nella Alvarez), her daughter, decides to take matters into her own hands and avenge her mother. He gets hired by Eduardo Sanint's (Víctor Mallarino) company. Eduardo is the man who virtually destroyed her mother's life. But things won't go as smoothly as Renata was expecting, as she meets Esteban (Juan Manuel Mendoza), Eduardo's son, and falls in love with him.

Premiere Dates

Adaptations/Spin Offs/Remakes

Music/Theme Song

  • Music by Juan Pablo Martínez and Martha Lucía Miranda.

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