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  • Singer, composer and actress Marilyn Pupo has been involved in virtually all artistic fields: from modeling and singing to acting and production. Her career begun in the 70s, the golden decade of Puerto Rican television, where she starred in a myriad of telenovelas, earning the acclaim of the critics and the audience, and winning different awards.
  • World acclaimed Cuban singer Celia Cruz recorded three songs composed by Marilyn, including 'Soy Antillana'. This musical piece is included as well in many compilations of the best Caribbean music.
  • She produced and hosted a radio variety show on Radio Isla, (Puerto Rico) for two years.
  • Host and producer of 'Estás Invitado', a popular television show in Puerto Rico, which ran from 1995 to 2001.
  • She has participated in numerous theater productions and films as well, ranging from drama, comedy and children's plays. Her name has appeared in the credits of movies such as 'El Hijo de Angela María', 'Préstamela Esta Noche' and 'Guaguasí', and the TV movie 'Dile Que la Quiero', Along with salsa singer Andy Montañez.
  • Marilyn is remembered for hosting TV shows such as 'Noche de Gala', 'Ellas al Mediodía', 'Ahora', 'En familia' and 'El Show de Raúl y Marylin', all of them in Puerto Rico.
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  • Winner of the Premio Quijote a la Excelencia as Best Music Show in Puerto Rican Television, for her production 'Estás Invitado', which run from 1995 to 2001 on Teve Seis and Teve Tres in Puerto Rico.
  • Winner of the prestigious Abueybana Award as Best Young Actress and Best Actress of the Year.
  • Winner of the 'El Cordero De Oro' Award. These awards are granted by the audience.
  • Marilyn was awarded 'El Cemi De Oro' for her performance as an actress as well as a TV host.


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