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Watch Free: Por Ella Soy Eva / For Her, I'm Eva


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  • Juan Camilo Caballero is an unscrupulous and macho businessman who has an obstacle on Isabella Nieto for his career. Once he gets to know her, though, everything changes.
  • A very succesful womanizer accused of fraud, will have to return as a woman called Eva to clear his name and make Helena fall in love with him.
  • The womanizer Juan Carlos Caballero (Jaime Camil) has found his match in Helena Moreno (Lucero). Unfortunate events will lead her to believe that he is attempting to steal her ideas for an innovative project. Juan Carlos will have to try and figure out who unjustly accused him of this huge fraud. To protect Helena from the new owner, Juan Carlos will have to return to the company dressed up as Eva. Filling a woman's shoe will teach him a lesson that will change his perception of women; therefore becoming a man of integrity in order to find real love.

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Watch Free: Por Ella Soy Eva / For Her, I'm Eva

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