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Official English Title, AKA

  • Substitute Princess
  • 金大花的華麗冒險

Production Company





  • Romantic Comedy.

Country of Origin


Writing Credits

Number of Episodes

  • 20


  • The classic ugly duckling story of a dorky sweetheart who ends up switching identities with a glamorous heiress, and finds herself in a romantic tug-of-war between two men.
  • Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh) is sweet, but misunderstood: she’s constantly being made fun of for her buck teeth, pigtails and poor fashion taste. On top of that, she’s got a debilitating crush on the handsome, good hearted Lin Guan Jun (James Wen), but does he even know she exists? Before she can find the genuine answer, Jin Da falls into a bizarre plot of plastic surgery and wakes up looking like the glamorous heiress Du Liang Yen. From rags to riches — and from dork to princess — Jin Da ends up in a tale of romance and soul searching.

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Watch Free: Substitute Princess

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